Six Reasons Why You Should Choose Our 100% Australian Made Products

Here at Sheepskin Tannery, we are proud to say that all of our products are 100% Australian Made. From the harvesting of the wool up to the packaging of the product, every fibre of your purchase is made with the labour of the locals in Australia.

Unlike most of our competitors who have moved out their factories to China, we decided to stay and manufacture locally. Aside from ensuring that our products are of the highest quality, we also make it a point that what you are going to get is 100% authentic Australian Made. To put our money where our mouth is, every product from Sheepskin Tannery is either has a “Made in Australia” stamp in the back or a “Australian Made, Australian Owned” swing tag.

When it comes to the decision of purchasing our Australia made products, there are stacks of economic reasons in doing so. So instead of going into all the nitty-gritty of it, we’ve decided to put the best reasons there are.

6.) Safety

Firing off the first salvo, we operate under the highest level of safety for our customers, free from biological and chemical contaminants. We operate under such strict and high standard that our products abides to the highest global EPA specifications. Even our OZmade medical sheepskins are accredited with the Australian Standard of AS4480.1, which operates under the accreditation of the CSIRO, to use the Australian Medical Sheepskin (AMS) process.

5.) Environmental Friendly

As contrast to our competitors who export their materials to large-scale manufacturers then import them as finished product, our 100% Australian made products are manufactured locally to lessen our carbon footprint. But that’s not all. Because Australia operate under the strictest standards in terms of environmental policies, our processes are mindful for both the environment and the world.

4.) Highest Animal Welfare Standards

Australia has the highest animal welfare standards. That being said, wool cannot be harvested from any other resource other than sheep and lambs. With the standard set for Australia at its highest peak, the practices and productions being utilized are ensured to only deliver the best and safest quality.

3.) Cost-Efficient

Admit it or not, the idea that “if an item is more expensive, it’s usually better” has fleeted our minds. We beg to disagree on that. Usually, an item is more expensive due to the transportation costs that will be subsidized to the consumers—one downside of many when purchasing export products. But when you buy Australian made products, the price that you are going to pay is solely attributed for the quality of an item you are going to buy. Transportation and shipping costs are minimal for some, but here at Sheepskin Tannery, we offer you the best shipping costs. And by the best, we mean that if your purchase is more than $300, we’ll ship it free of charge!

2.) Accountable

Redundant as it may sound, but Australia makes one of the best products in the world. Be it their export or for the local market. It means you are likely to get the best product there is, but if for any reason that what you’ve got isn’t up to the standard you expected, you are unlikely to be ignored. Buying Australian made products ensure that we are obligated by law to abide by the Australian Consumer Laws which are designed to protect you.

1.) We support locals

Australian produce overwhelmingly consists of family businesses, unlike international or overseas tanneries where they carry out production through large-scale factories. This not only creates pollution problems but significant wastes as well. At Sheepskin Tannery, when we say our products are 100% Australian made, it’s more than the quality we use.

Support local by purchasing a product from your local tannery today. Sheepskin Tannery offers a wide range of products suited perfectly for your home, cars, or even medical needs.

Ian P
Author: Ian P

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