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Most sheepskin products can be washed using a specialty sheepskin detergent, or dry cleaned. Most sheepskin products can be washed either by hand or in a domestic washing machine which provides considerable saving from expensive drycleaning.

The environmental and economic advantages of washing, the items being washed will be sanitised if the sheepskin shampoo has antibacterial and disinfecting properties. Phosphates will therefore remove the tanning chemicals from the leather of the sheepskin resulting in permanent damage to the sheepskin.

The other causes of damage to sheepskin products are heat which causes shrinking, other than The Australian Medical Sheepskin tanned to AS4480.1 1998 and stamped Hi-Temp, and incorrect detergent which causes hardening of the leather.

The estimated cost of dry cleaning a lambskin or medical rug is $25.00 whereas the cost of washing in Woolskin would be 83 cents.

Drying: best results are achieved by drying in a domestic clothes dryer on LOW or WARM drying or setting out of direct sunlight. Drying in a WARM dryer results in the leather maintaining its softness through the gentle ‘milling’ much the same as in the tannery. When air drying, it is necessary to ‘flex’ the sheepskin to soften the leather.

Frequency: Medical sheepskins should be washed a minimum of weekly using a detergent with antibacterial and disinfecting properties to prevent cross infection.

Baby lambskins should be washed regularly, much the same as other bedding to maintain a clean fresh environment for the child.

Car seat covers of good quality and manufacture should be washed a minimum of annually to maintain the benefit of the wool pile in maintaining comfort and life of the sheepskin.

Sheepskin clothing should be washed regularly, as with other garments, and the suede facing protected with a water & oil repellent spray which will aid future cleaning.

UGG boots: Some UGG Boots come with a water repellent treatment which is applied in the tannery, however this is not permanent and reapplication will be required after normal wear or after cleaning.

Most sheepskin products can be washed using a specialty sheepskin detergent, or dry cleaned. The economic and environmental advantages of washing, the items being washed will be sanitised if the sheepskin shampoo has antibacterial and disinfecting properties. Phosphates will therefore remove the tanning chemicals from the leather of the sheepskin resulting in permanent damage to the sheepskin, hence the need to use the woolwash

Here at Sheepskin Tannery, we are proud to say that all of our products are 100% Australian Made. From the harvesting of the wool up to the packaging of the product, every fibre of your purchase is made with the labour of the locals in Australia.

Unlike most of our competitors who have moved out their factories to China, we decided to stay and manufacture locally. Aside from ensuring that our products are of the highest quality, we also make it a point that what you are going to get is 100% authentic Australian Made. To put our money where our mouth is, every product from Sheepskin Tannery is either has a “Made in Australia” stamp in the back or a “Australian Made, Australian Owned” swing tag.

When it comes to the decision of purchasing our Australia made products, there are stacks of economic reasons in doing so. So instead of going into all the nitty-gritty of it, we’ve decided to put the best reasons there are.

6.) Safety

Firing off the first salvo, we operate under the highest level of safety for our customers, free from biological and chemical contaminants. We operate under such strict and high standard that our products abides to the highest global EPA specifications. Even our OZmade medical sheepskins are accredited with the Australian Standard of AS4480.1, which operates under the accreditation of the CSIRO, to use the Australian Medical Sheepskin (AMS) process.

5.) Environmental Friendly

As contrast to our competitors who export their materials to large-scale manufacturers then import them as finished product, our 100% Australian made products are manufactured locally to lessen our carbon footprint. But that’s not all. Because Australia operate under the strictest standards in terms of environmental policies, our processes are mindful for both the environment and the world.

4.) Highest Animal Welfare Standards

Australia has the highest animal welfare standards. That being said, wool cannot be harvested from any other resource other than sheep and lambs. With the standard set for Australia at its highest peak, the practices and productions being utilized are ensured to only deliver the best and safest quality.

3.) Cost-Efficient

Admit it or not, the idea that “if an item is more expensive, it’s usually better” has fleeted our minds. We beg to disagree on that. Usually, an item is more expensive due to the transportation costs that will be subsidized to the consumers—one downside of many when purchasing export products. But when you buy Australian made products, the price that you are going to pay is solely attributed for the quality of an item you are going to buy. Transportation and shipping costs are minimal for some, but here at Sheepskin Tannery, we offer you the best shipping costs. And by the best, we mean that if your purchase is more than $300, we’ll ship it free of charge!

2.) Accountable

Redundant as it may sound, but Australia makes one of the best products in the world. Be it their export or for the local market. It means you are likely to get the best product there is, but if for any reason that what you’ve got isn’t up to the standard you expected, you are unlikely to be ignored. Buying Australian made products ensure that we are obligated by law to abide by the Australian Consumer Laws which are designed to protect you.

1.) We support locals

Australian produce overwhelmingly consists of family businesses, unlike international or overseas tanneries where they carry out production through large-scale factories. This not only creates pollution problems but significant wastes as well. At Sheepskin Tannery, when we say our products are 100% Australian made, it’s more than the quality we use.

Support local by purchasing a product from your local tannery today. Sheepskin Tannery offers a wide range of products suited perfectly for your home, cars, or even medical needs.

Unlike many wool underlays our sheepskin underlays are made from authentic sheepskins. Each sheepskin bed pad includes pieces from a number of shorn clinical sheepskins which are thoroughly sewn together. For added convenience and luxury they are fitted with elastic corner straps and supported with material and a gently padded→ Read more
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The difference between sheepskin and Lambskin is one that is often confused for the wrong reasons.

A Lamb is an unshorn sheep, where as a sheep is older than a lamb. Lambskin is the skin of an unshorn lamb, so is softer. This softness is desired in the use of floor mats, infant care underlays or baby underlays, pramliners.

On the other hand sheepskin is cheaper and better suited for medical under lays, bed underlays, etc.

For the widest range of sheepskin and lambskin visit

Add some warmth to your home this winter.  A sheepskin rug can be a rug for all seasons.  In the colder months having a sheepskin rug in your home will give that cosy and warm feeling and will also help to retain the heat.  During the warmer months Sheepskin rugs can instantly transform any room to add colour, comfort and style.

There are many benefits to these beautiful sheepskin rugs which include:-

Warmth – sheepskin provides natural insulation to create a warm and cosy feeling at any time of year. Versatility – there are so many places in the home where Sheepskin rugs will enhance a room. Durability – simply by looking after sheepskin as you would any rug will keep it looking beautiful for years. Safety – Sheepskin is resistant to fire and static electricity.  Additionally it does not shed so it is ideal for children’s rooms.  It also has natural hypo-allergenic properties.

So why not think about a sheepskin rug for your room instead of a traditional rugs. Sheepskin Rugs add warmth and Colour to any room or piece of Furniture.

My favourite thing this week is this beautiful Ivory with pink tip Sheepskin Rug.  I have added comfort, colour and style instantly to my house just with one beautiful Sheepskin rug. Being ivory with pink tip I will use this sheepskin rug in my daughter’s room.   It is naturally insulating, therefore, she will enjoy added warmth in the winter while remaining cool in the summer.

One thing I love about sheepskin is you can use it in many areas of the home.  They can be used as cushions or as chair throws, but the most common use of sheepskins are as rugs.  Sheepskin has always given that feeling of luxury but prices are extremely affordable. There is a huge range of  Sheepskin Rugs online with a range of prices to suit all budgets.  I recommend



Cruising with Comfort - Sheepskins Make Life Easier Advantages of PT Cruiser sheepskin car seat covers - Equal parts Al Capone, Woodstock, and oh-so-chic tech, the PT Cruiser is worthy of the passion it inspires. The essential add-on is a set of PT Cruiser sheepskin car seat covers, offering increased→ Read more
Woolskin Sheepskin Shampoo & Woolwash

Woolskin Sheepskin Shampoo & Woolwash is the only woolwash suitable for washing sheepskin products – including baby lambskins & medical sheepskins, ugg boots & car seat covers. Woolskin is developed by Australian sheepskin Tannery\’s and is recommended for all natural fibres & is suitable for individuals who have sensitivity to ordinary detergents.

Woolskin Sheepskin Shampoo & Woolwash is based on tanning technology to safely wash sheepskin without damage to the leather. Woolskin contains a blend of tea tree and lemon myrtle oils which have been proven effective against dust mite and pet allergen.

Woolskin is ideal for wool and natural fibres such as alpaca, mohair and wool/possum blends and has been found to reduce the prickle in coarser wools and wet wool smell.  Woolskin can be used as a general laundry detergent for sensitive skin.

More Facts about Black Sheepskin Rugs

Normally you’ll find particular products of which just about every single residence requirements to have such as black sheepskin rugs. Owning any sheepskin rug inside the residence provides a comfy atmosphere significantly like nearly each and every other rug. They are available in several shapes, dimensions and also colorings. Picking the very best components comparatively varies based on the actual setting along with your personal taste. Usually, men and women go for sparkling black sheepskin rugs just simply because they shine and feels genuinely fresh new at practically any location. Some other people could effectively determine to acquire a shade that satisfies his or her current space including possessing light glowing black sheepskin rugs within a blue decorated residence to assist with producing it as if it’s an location with the place.

Sheepskin rugs furthermore deliver plenty of medical connected rewards. It really is mentioned that it relieves tension as a result of its comfy coating which typically sooths the complete physique and aids it to de-stress. For that purpose, it’s encouraged by health-related staff members to invest in these specific rugs simply as rewards. Moreover, if there is certainly any little young children as well as toddlers inside the residence, it’s advised to make use of black sheepskin rugs mainly because it offers a secure spot pertaining to children to have entertaining in simply as quite soft and also gentle surface. This stops almost any physical injuries which may well take place. In addition, if a single is pondering of acquiring a sheepskin rug, it really is recommended to consider in regards to the grade with the actual square location rug just before acquiring one. This can be because of numerous rugs are designed from poor pelts that brings about a lower endurance with the rug and so needs extra unnecessary location rug costs inside the long term. The best sheepskin rug wouldn’t usually consist of practically any difficult spots that is certainly surely triggered by way of poor pelts. Moreover, sheepskin rugs produced obtainable from unauthorized retail price distributors normally are constructed from these undesired pelts which results in the degraded and unfavorable good quality sheepskin region rug. Furthermore, black sheepskin rugs could also be employed for a great deal of exclusive tools as an alternative to remaining merely utilized just like a rug. Even though it’s really tender as well as feel and exceptional cushioning characteristics, it could actually offer as a helpful couch covers or even pillow cases. Sometimes it is the characteristic that you simply can’t be made use of with a few other type of square place rug that are the exact sheepskin rug be noticeable of one’s crowd linked with rugs. On top of that, sheepskin rugs have transform into vulnerable at conducting of power creating it beneficial as a base whenever handling electrical gear like laptop or computer elements.

Summing up, black sheepskin rugsmay be an exceptional property object which in turn holds a great deal of rewards. Because it might be employed for a great deal of various circumstances, this really is undoubtedly a necessity in any residence. Its tender surface gives positive aspects which usually different kind of region rugs is not going to in order that it truly is an exceptional buy inside the occasion that a person would like an extraordinary over-all place rug.

All about Australian Sheepskins

Most modern individuals are passionate to generate their very own statements with style. They try and display their bests via a thing specific on their bodies. A number of them have a tendency to stick to the hottest style sense set by celebrated persons or distinguished designers. But a number of them favor generating precise choices on their very own types. They compliment elegant tastes with functionality maintained in thoughts. To become honest, the last mentioned technique sounds much better. Following all, many people don’t have economic potential to have the funds for high-end splendid luxuries.

 Inside the style market, you will find artists who embrace luxurious appreciation tastes and make their suggestions and observations all over across the world. They usually perfectly juggle in between style and function. Even so, never ever they have necessary style supporters to shatter the wallet to appreciate their inventiveness. Among that group of people, manufacturers for Australian sheepskinboots ought to deserve respect. It doesn’t matter whether or not you choose blindly following the newest vogue info to spice up your search or really like to embrace your personal appetite this time simply because designers for authentic sheepskin boots from Australia take all your considerations into account. These shoes set a globally trend. A lot of people should nonetheless bear in mind the renowned host-Oprah. She bought much more than 20 pairs the moment for her colleagues, family and friends. In addition to this eminent lady, there’s a genuinely big quantity of well-known people that are regularly spotted wearing these shoes in each formal and casual conditions. Australian sheepskinboots are style setters for style footwear. To help keep your search pace using the most up-to-date footwear data, you are going to undoubtedly adore these shoes. Even so, do sheepskin boots reside as much as your expectation in the event you opt for retaining for your very own taste? To become honest, these shoes appear entirely distinct inside a boutique. Devoid of exaggerating embellishments and eye-catching colors, these shoes sound like getting absolutely nothing to perform with luxury. But it’s surely the unadorned concept that asserts for a thing exceptional and unique accomplished by sheepskin boots designers. Twin-tier merino sheepskin is essentially the most important components on these footware. In case you are fascinated with some moderate, yet still super looks, you are going to enjoy the clean areas made by this incredibly elastic material, which is amazingly functional in retaining humidity, coldness and sweating away through your feet. Those unadorned looks end quality appearances with most clothes. On Australian sheepskin boots, style, comfort, ease and practicality are all thought of as.

Genuine Australian sheepskinsdisplay trend follower’s simple, yet super and universal appearance, with comfort and ease insured meanwhile. They will assist you develop trendy and sophisticated style expressions. Additionally, they are also the best alternative to warm your feet even in frigid climate. These shoes are considered as soul mates by most of the people. Whatever favor you hold for footwear, you need to be glad to find this precious heritage from Australian individuals on today’s market.

Sheepskin – A better sleep

If you want a better sleep, consider that when medical researchers report on the best padding available for increased comfort and reduced stress, they are referring to sheepskin.

One reason sheepskin makes for a better sleep is because sheepskin padding redistributes weight over a larger surface area than do other materials. The high-density, soft, springy wool fibers of sheepskin are the key. To sleep on sheepskin padding is to awake in greater comfort and less fatigue.

Anyone can have a better sleep with sheepskin padding and covers, thanks to the ability of sheepskin fibers to regulate temperature and moisture. On chilly nights, the cool air is kept away from your skin. On hot nights, perspiration is drawn into the fibers. There, the sheepskin traps 30 to 36 percent of its own weight in moisture.

Sheepskin is also durable. In the case of High Temp medical sheepskin, the leather backing is resistant to urine and other fluids and may be machine washed and dried.

M101 grade medical sheepskins, treated with a process known as “chrome tanning,” can be washed but not machine dried. Washing sheepskin padding or covers with a soap that includes lanolin-sheepskin’s natural oil-will ensure that you have a better sleep for years to come.

Compared to other types of padding or covering, sheepskin will give you a better sleep. If you toss and turn at night trying to find a comfortable position, or if the temperature never seems quite right, sheepskin can transform your nights into a comfortable, better sleep.

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