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Sheepskins For Australian Medical Sheepskins And Home Use

Australian medical sheepskins are widely used in the hospitals and homes because of its quality and it felt comfortable to use. Medical profession studies that aside from the softness of the sheepskin it is hypoallergenic and best use by the patient for its incredible softness.

There are some Australian medical sheepskins that are urine and blood resistant and it is wool product of sheepskin. Also to think that this Sheepskin had studied by medical profession and are found resistant to flame and static electricity. Hospital use medical sheepskin in prevention and treatment of pressure ulcer treatment. The products that produce by the sheepskin were rugs, wool-lined clothing or covering, gloves, hat, footstools and automotive seat. There are such sheepskin products that is high temperature sheepskin that you will feel warm even if its winter and cool in during summer, there is also a regular temperature underlay that is flexible and the same as the high temperature sheepskin that you feel cool even if its summer and warm in winter it also added comfort to you. There are also types of sheepskin such as; Infant care range which is the best range, and it is little softer than the export range, the Export range also is best range, the special range are the best level down to the next which is run of flock skins or wool defect that make them not presentable as the export or special they are great value for money and sometimes bigger skins and the last was the final range which is the Pet Mats have greater defects ncluding skin nicks, wool length inconstancies and some burrs on the outside edges.

So if you decide to purchase sheepskin best choice is Australian medical sheepskins in wool because it would really be practical to use upon its quality and medical studies. But be correct in care and maintenance to this product so that it would last to 20 years. There is also a product for the wool wash so that you can maintain the softness of the sheepskin. But be aware of false sheepskin there are some who are imitating this products so be wise before purchasing try to look on its quality and the manufacturer. Australian had really that best sheepskin products. Just be practical in purchasing this product so that you will happy in spending your money for you comfort and feel the quality of this product.


Sheepskin – A better sleep

If you want a better sleep, consider that when medical researchers report on the best padding available for increased comfort and reduced stress, they are referring to sheepskin.

One reason sheepskin makes for a better sleep is because sheepskin padding redistributes weight over a larger surface area than do other materials. The high-density, soft, springy wool fibers of sheepskin are the key. To sleep on sheepskin padding is to awake in greater comfort and less fatigue.

Anyone can have a better sleep with sheepskin padding and covers, thanks to the ability of sheepskin fibers to regulate temperature and moisture. On chilly nights, the cool air is kept away from your skin. On hot nights, perspiration is drawn into the fibers. There, the sheepskin traps 30 to 36 percent of its own weight in moisture.

Sheepskin is also durable. In the case of High Temp medical sheepskin, the leather backing is resistant to urine and other fluids and may be machine washed and dried.

M101 grade medical sheepskins, treated with a process known as “chrome tanning,” can be washed but not machine dried. Washing sheepskin padding or covers with a soap that includes lanolin-sheepskin’s natural oil-will ensure that you have a better sleep for years to come.

Compared to other types of padding or covering, sheepskin will give you a better sleep. If you toss and turn at night trying to find a comfortable position, or if the temperature never seems quite right, sheepskin can transform your nights into a comfortable, better sleep.

Ian Partridge owns a number of websites specialising in Australian Sheepskins, due to interest from the PT cruiser car owners a special site was developed (A$)

Bed sores (AKA pressure sores, pressure wounds and pressure ulcers) are a commonly encountered problem experienced by people who are confined to bed rest or to a wheelchair. Restricted movement because of illness, invalidity or hospitalization creates pressure on the skin at points where the body’s weight is supported – normally the lower back, buttocks, shoulders and heels. This closes the tiny blood vessels near the skin’s surface and prevents vital nutrients from reaching the skin tissue in the affected area.

The result…skin tissue dies and bedsores form

Worryingly, bedsores can develop within a matter of HOURS, and if untreated will deteriorate into deep decubitis ulcers, eating through muscle, tendon and even bone!

The elderly are most at risk because their skin is so fragile. Persistent rubbing of their knees, elbows or hands against bed linen may also be a source of bedsores as could any other friction where the skin and bone move in separate directions.

The Solution to Bed Sores & Pressure Ulcers

Bedsores are FULLY PREVENTABLE. All that it requires is for the skin to be PROTECTED from unnecessary pressure and friction…and the BEST PROTECTION SYSTEM AVAILABLE IS AN AUSTRALIAN MEDICAL SHEEPSKIN RUG!

Medical sheepskin rugs are widely used in hospitals and nursing homes throughout Australia. When placed underneath a patient or wrapped around them, the ultra-soft wool and specially buffed hide provides a gentle cushion for their skin. The patient’s weight is distributed more evenly over a wider area, lowering the risk of bedsores caused by pressure and friction.

Ian Partridge owns a number of websites specialising in Australian Sheepskins, due to interest from the PT cruiser car owners a special site was developed (A$) and (US$) has more info and links

Infant sheepskins are perfect for your baby. The infant sheepskins can be used in the car seat, the stroller and even a play/floor mat for your baby to roll around and play on. They can also be used as a cot underlay which makes baby more comfortable.

Infant sheepskins are often used even when your baby grows into toddler years. Young children love sheepskins rugs in their big bed under their sheets.

Sheepskins are perfect all year round. They keep baby warm and cosy in cold weather. In hot weather, wool absorbs moisture, which is released into the air ensuring baby stays drier and comfortable at all times.

Storage                                                                                                                                                               Lambswool & Sheepskin should be stored in a cool airy place away from direct sunlight. Guard against condensation DO NOT pack in plastic bags for long periods of time. Lambswool & Sheepskin is a genuine natural wool/leather product and needs to be cared for the same way we care for leather products.

Washing Yes, Lambswool & Sheepskin products can be washed.  Hand or machine wash once a month ideally using Woolskin, Lambskin Shampoo & Woolwash with conditioner.  For effective washing and disinfection use suitable nonionic liquid detergent which does not contain enzymes, phosphates, peroxide, alkali or bleach.  DO NOT use ‘cold wash’ liquid detergents or washing powders.  Spin with fleece facing out to remove excess water. Long wool colours should be professionally dry cleaned.

Drying Air Dry your Lambswool & Sheepskin flat or on line and stretch to shape while damp. Dry away from direct heat or sunlight. Direct heat includes, fan heaters, heaters, bar heaters, radiators or steam heat, this can cause ill repairable damage and burn your Lambswool & Sheepskin. DO NOT tumble dry Lambswool & Sheepskin. DO NOT iron Lambswool & Sheepskin.

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